the busiest we’ve been.

By ashleighsepicjourney

April 11, 2011

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El Nido was a mix of things. we stayed there for a full month, and worked with every program they have running. the picture featured here is from preschool graduation. the ICM El Nido base has five preschools, and half of the work we did was to prepare for their graduation. all the kids were given individual awards, shoes, and gift boxes. it was a large celebration, and we all had so much fun traveling to the preschools and participating in their special day.

we left El Nido on april 2nd, and flew into Dumaguete City the next day. the ICM base in Dumaguete is four times the size as the El Nido base. it was quite the shock coming into such a big operation, and a city. Dumaguete is known as the american colony in the philippines. not because there is alot of americans, but because it resembles an american city, with colleges, restaurants and such. its nice to become alittle accustomed to american culture without being in america yet.

the best day ive had working in Dumaguete so far has been experiencing an Open Air Clinic. since the El Nido base has only been¬†operating for alittle over a year, they didnt have OACs running yet. what they do, is they take medical staff and a plethera of medecine to a transform community, and anyone who needs medical attention will come and get checked out by the doctor. the most common ‘illness’ is vitamin defencies.¬†maintaining¬† healthy balanced diet in the slums is quite the challenge. i loved being able to participate in relieving a tangable need in a relational and sustainable way.

16days until we reach american soil. ive never had time pass so quickly. your prayers and support are so appreciated. i couldnt have gotten through this year without it.